Miles & Memories Marathon Team

The Children’s Room is proud to introduce
our 2015 Boston Marathon Team!

TCR’s 6 runners line up for a team photo at the Marathon Kick-Off Event. Left to right: Kate Asher, Sarah Ford, Lauren Benoit, Steph Lubin-Levy, Deana Hickey, Lauren Ruffing

Each year our Marathon Team plays a crucial role in raising much-needed funds to support TCR’s services for grieving children, teens, and families. Runners receive ongoing support from The Children’s Room in reaching their fundraising goals.

We’re grateful to the John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program for providing TCR with 6 bibs for the 2015 Boston Marathon.

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Meet the Team
Each runner has a personal fundraising page on the website Crowdrise (the official online fundraising partner of the Boston Marathon). Click on a runner’s name to read their story and contribute to their goal!

Kate Asher
Kate is running in memory of her son’s father.

“Centers of support, like the Children’s Room, are so critical to families like ours.  The Children’s Room offers its services free of charge in a warm, welcoming, loving environment.”

Lauren Benoit
Lauren is running in memory of her dad, who died when she was 4 years old.

“As a previous attendee of The Children’s Room, I know firsthand as to how important these programs are for young children and their families… I cannot imagine how different my life would be now if I hadn’t have gone to The Children’s Room when I was younger.”

Sarah Ford
Sarah is running in memory of her husband’s older brother, Michael.

“As I continue to train through the months of cold days and even longer runs, all the people who have had someone in their lives who has lost someone will be running through my mind. My husband will be training with me, knowing that my race will be helping the healing process for many others.”

Deana Hickey

Deana is running in memory of her husband, Sean. This is her 2nd year running the Boston Marathon for TCR.

“I knew TCR would be a place where we would be understood without words, a place where you could cry, be angry, vent – and believe it or not – laugh! A place where everyone just ‘gets’ you the way you are. It has been so beneficial for me and most importantly my children who get to interact with other children who have suffered the same devastating loss.”

Steph Lubin-Levy
Steph is running in memory of her dad, who died when she was 4 years old. This is her 3rd year running the Boston Marathon for TCR, and she is serving as Team Captain.

“Through my 7 years and counting of volunteering with 3-5 year olds I am constantly amazed by their ability to support each other… There is a level of openness and comfort talking about loss and grief at The Children’s Room that teaches children and families the important lesson that no one needs to grieve alone.”

Lauren Ruffing
Lauren is running in memory of her mother – her best friend and biggest hero.

“By helping me reach my fundraising goal, you’re providing support to families facing the devastating loss of a parent or child, and you’re helping me remember a mother who lived for her family.”

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You can help! 
You can donate to an individual runner or to the team as a whole. Online donations can be made on each runner’s personal page (links provided above) or our team’s Crowdrise fundraising page.

If you prefer to donate by check, please make your check out to “The Children’s Room” and mail it to us at 1210 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, MA 02476. Please write “Marathon” on the subject line and include the name of the runner you are supporting.

If you have any questions, please contact Becca at or 781-641-4741 x334.

Already have a bib number?
You can join TCR’s Miles & Memories Marathon Team! Running the Boston Marathon is already an incredible experience – make it even more meaningful by supporting grieving families while you prepare to cross the finish line.

Be a part of TCR events leading up to the 2015 Marathon and train alongside fellow TCR teammates. Many of TCR’s runners in the past have found it meaningful to run in memory or honor of someone special to them.

If you already have a bib and are interested in joining TCR’s 2015 Marathon Team, please contact Becca at or 781-641-4741 x334.