National Children’s Grief Awareness Month

According to the 2020 Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model (CBEM) published by judi’s house,  one child out of every 15 in Massachusetts will have a parent or sibling die before graduating from high school. As a culture, we are often quick to dismiss or downplay the needs of children and teens in mourning; as a result, their emotions are often misunderstood.

Children’s Grief Awareness Month is an opportunity to consider the unique needs of these children and teens.   As a member of the National Alliance for Grieving Children,  the Children’s Room “is committed to serving as a catalyst to support, advocate and raise awareness about the needs of grieving children, teens, and their families.”

To learn more about how best to talk to children about death and dying, we encourage you to check out these resources.

Don’t forget to wear blue on November 19
and show your support for Children’s Grief Awareness Day!

Support someone who is grieving.

It is often difficult to know how to help someone who recently experienced a death in their family.  This resource guide provides tips and suggestions for offering support to those who are grieving.

virtual butterfly

Illuminating HOPE is a virtual gathering of butterflies, each one a message of love and honor and support.  Create a virtual butterfly or download a butterfly coloring sheet and make it at home.

Grief Talks

GriefTalk is an initiative of the National Alliance for Grieving Children aimed at encouraging and supporting honest conversations around the topics of death and grief, including resource guides and video talks.

what is typical

As you parent your grieving child, you may sometimes wonder, “Is what my child is feeling (or thinking or doing) normal?”  This resource provides insights into some common themes and experiences that can be helpful to be aware of.

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