Kota Press has a blogpost with ideas of how to incorporate your loved one into the holidays.  Most of her ideas came from parents who had a child die, but their application is universal.  Here are a couple of ideas:

For those celebrating Christmas, creating ornaments in memory of someone and then giving those ornaments to family and friends is a great idea.  The time spent making the ornaments is a time spent thinking about how you loved them at the same time you are doing something creative which is a stress reliever.  Sometimes making time to do something active is a stress reliever.  You don’t have to be too crafty to make it work.

One special idea, which I know a couple of people use, is to have a tiny angel paper puncher and to punch a little angel in every card sent.  Subtle and, yet, wonderful.  Kara writes that she is “inspired and comforted” by the ideas.  Hopefully you will be, too.  Visit her blog for more info and other great reads.

See a previous post on other strategies.