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Offering Education & Support: Our Parenting While Grieving Series

When a spouse or partner dies, the surviving parent is trying to navigate his or her own grief, while at the same time raise children and teens who are also grieving. Research has consistently shown [...]

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Constructing Meaning: TCR Teen Metals Workshop

On March 10th, 17 teens enjoyed the opportunity to create personal and unique keepsakes at the TCR Teen Metals Workshop. Beginning with several introductory group activities, everyone had a chance to relax and make connections [...]

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Meet Our 2018 “Miles & Memories” Boston Marathon Team: Part 1

We are so proud of our team of Boston Marathon runners, each of whom has a unique story full of personal connections to TCR and strong motivations for running. In order to honor their efforts, we’re going [...]

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A Taste of Togetherness: TCR Teen Culinary Day at Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

On December 9th, 13 teens gathered to experience a special TCR Teen Culinary Day rooted in a curiosity and shared passion for food and flavor. The group first met together at TCR, enjoying lunch, a food-based icebreaker, and an [...]

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Welcoming Our New Executive Director, Liz Cohen

We are excited to share that Liz Cohen is the new Executive Director for The Children’s Room. Liz brings with her a more than 20-year career dedicated to communities without a voice and those dealing [...]

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