About Us


The Children’s Room creates safe, supportive communities so that no child, teen or family has to grieve alone.


The Children’s Room was founded on the belief that every child, teen and family grieving a death deserves a safe, supportive and understanding environment.

We seek to broaden our impact by expanding our support services and educational outreach and deepening our community collaborations.

We aspire to be a leader in the field of grief support and a catalyst in transforming society’s understanding of grief.

We envision a world where understanding and patience allow loss to be integrated into our lives and lead to greater compassion, hope and growth.


The Children’s Room culture and all its services reflect the following fundamental beliefs…

  • Grief is a natural and healthy response to death.
  • Everyone experiences grief in a unique way.
  • The experience of grief does not end, but changes over time.
  • Within each of us there is a natural capacity to adapt to a world changed by death.
  • Being with others who have experienced a death reduces isolation and can provide hope.
  • Grief is transformative and can lead to personal growth not previously imagined.