Parenting While Grieving

We offer a psycho-educational 6-week series called Parenting While Grieving to parents and/or caregivers who are parenting children and teens who have had a parent die.

The way in which the surviving parent or caregiver is coping with the death is a major factor in how well a child will cope over time.

There is no cost to this series, but space is limited. This is not a drop-in group and a commitment to all six sessions to this virtual group is requested. An intake must be completed before attendance.

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In this 6-week, evidence-based series, we will explore:

  • The impact of death and loss on children
  • A developmental understanding of the grief process
  • Strategies for managing the challenges of parenting over time
  • The importance of self-care and support for the parent/caregiver
  • Listening, responding, and communicating
  • Commemoration of the person who died by all family members
  • For some, parenting while navigating their own grief

We will practice the essential parenting skills of listening, expressing, problem-solving, setting limits, and self-care within the context of a grieving family.

If you are interested in the series or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 781-641-4741.


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