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November is National Children’s Grief Awareness Month

National Children’s Grief Awareness Month According to the 2021 Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model (CBEM) published by judi's house,  one child out of every 15 in Massachusetts will have a parent or sibling die before graduating from high school. As a culture, we are [...]

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Grace Johnson Volunteer Appreciation Award

We are thrilled to share the announcement that The Children's Room "Miles & Memories" marathon team coaches were recently awarded the Grace Johnson Volunteer Appreciation Award. We submitted our recommendation to The Parmenter Foundation for the outstanding support and leadership that volunteers Crissy Straub [...]

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School & Community-Based Services

The annual Child Bereavement Estimation Model, (CBEM), conducted by Denver-based research organization, Judi's House and the New York Life Foundation, estimates that 1 in 14 children in Massachusetts* will experience the death of a parent or a sibling by the age of 18. This means [...]

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Grieving on Father’s Day: What You Should Know and How You Can Help

Grieving on Father’s Day: What You Should Know and How You Can Help Father’s Day is Sunday, June 20st. Reminders seem to be everywhere—in the greeting card aisles at the store, activities that people do with their dads, and friends and family making plans [...]

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