Family Night in a Box:

Expressive Activities adapted for Bereaved Families during COVID-19 The National Alliance for Grieving Children recently hosted a webinar presented by The Children's Room clinical Program Team entitled, "Family Night in a Box: Expressive Activities adapted for Bereaved Families during COVID-19". The intention of the webinar was to share & facilitate with our larger bereavement community one of the activities from “Family Night in a Box”, as well as to offer all 13 activities as a PDF resource. It was also an opportunity to re-introduce “Family Night”, a monthly service we have presented in the past at other NAGC Symposia. The Children's Room invited all participants to join in doing the activity, entitled, "Scream Box" during the webinar. This is the creation of a box that children, teens, and adults can use to "scream" or shout about whatever feelings they are having related to positive or more difficult events when they are also grieving. This gave participants an opportunity to understand the activity, have a chance to create one in real-time, learn how to do it, and see how it might be used or adapted for families at their own organizations. Watch the video and download the activities guide.

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Tufts Workshop: The Value of Therapeutic Space Planning

By Laurie Moskowitz-Corrois, LMHC, REAT "Have you ever wondered why you “feel” more comfortable in certain environments? Is it the people in the space? Is it an aesthetic? The type of work that’s being done? Perhaps the music? Maybe it’s the lighting, the colors, the furniture placement, the art on the walls, or could it be our own energy and what we bring to the space? My response would be Yes!" All of this and more help to support an environment and tap into its inherent potential, it’s therapeutic nature. Therapeutic space could be defined simply as space designed and created with intention and purpose, an environment that supports the well being of those utilizing the space. Each room at TCR has been thoughtfully and carefully developed to support and enhance the personal and collective experience of our children, teens, and families. As the largest bereavement center in the northeast, The Children’s Room is recognized by many as a model in the community, reflecting the importance and value of therapeutic space planning. Creating a warm, inviting, grounded space begins with a trust of the space itself, a “felt sense” for the energy in the space. The concept of Therapeutic Space Planning is based on an understanding of valuing and respecting the environment, being aware of the purpose of the space, and then, with intention, supporting it to its full potential. In turn, the space reflects back the feeling of purpose, care, and the relationship it offers to those of us using and experiencing it. Oftentimes, the energy experienced in interior space is subliminal, more of a “felt-sense” than a visual one. Sometimes it can be misunderstood as an environment that is simply “organized” or “well designed.” However, there is an important [...]

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Teen Performance Troupe Delivers Memorable Performance

Members of the 2012 Teen Performance Troupe took to the stage for their last time this year on Friday, June 8th at Belmont Hill School's Kraft Theatre. The Teen Performance Troupe is a unique piece of TCR programming. Each year teens from TCR join together to create their own original show about grief and loss in their lives. Over the years the Troupe has performed for a variety of audiences, including schools, children's centers, doctors, nurses, and the general community. You can read more about the Teen Performance Troupe and our alumni teens by clicking here. If you have questions about our Teen Performance Troupe - or would like them to perform in your community next season - find out more by emailing [email protected]

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The Vivs Holiday Concert Supporting TCR – Dec 18

Looking for a night out that has great music and supports a great cause (The Children's Room!)?  Then we have the event for you: Holiday Benefit and Bash with The Vivs.  The performance takes place at the Regent Theatre in Arlington at 7:00pm on December 18th.  For more information about the band, event, and tickets, you can visit The Vivs page on the Regent Theatre website.

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Writing as a Transformative Process

Some Children's Room participants have found writing to be a transformative experience in their healing journey.  A local writer and teacher is offering an 8 week session: Writing our Way Through.... on Friday morning from 9:15 - 11:15 in Arlington Center. For more information contact Pamela Powell. Call 781-646-6708 or email: [email protected]

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Arlington Workshop: Writing Our Way Through the Dark

Pamela Powell will lead an ongoing writing workshop  "Writing our way through the Dark." An opportunity to express one’s inner thoughts and feelings about loss - to write, to grieve on paper, to read aloud, or not; this group is for anyone at any stage of grieving a loved one, or wanting to write about that person in all their complexity. Pamela has been leading writing workshops and teaching writing for over 18 years on both coasts. She is the author of The Turtle Watchers (Viking ‘92), numerous articles, short stories, and poetry. A number of personal losses this year led her to offer this workshop. When: Wednesdays 10 - 12 Cost: $120 for each 6 week session. Next session begins Feb. 5, 2010 (doesn't meet Feb. 17) Where: Mourning Dove Studio, Arlington Center To register: Call 781.290.7356 or email: [email protected]

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Art therapy: Pottery night helps kids express their grief

A pottery night at local Maryland studio helps children and their families in their grieving process. Parents as well as children are invited to join in the art making, reminding us that making art isn't just for "kids stuff". Click here to learn about how these parents and children used art to connect with each other and express their grief.

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Simmons Alumni and Professional Development Day Features The Children’s Room

On Friday, April 17th, the alumni of the Simmons College School of Social Work will be treated to several presentations from reprentatives from The Children's Room as part of the college's alumni programming. The Keynote Speaker for the event is one of the founding board members of The Children's Room Phyllis Silverman who will present on the topic of How Our Views Have Changed. Phyllis continues to research current issues on child bereavement and leads the research committee at The Children's Room.  The committee is comprised of professionals from Tufts University, Wheelock College, Harvard University and other programs. Program Director Donna Sharff and Program Manager Colleen Shannon will present an interactive and inspiring workshop session on The Heart of Grief: Facilitating Creative Arts Expression in Grieving Children and Teenagers. The day long conference concludes with a performance by The Children's Room Teen Performance Troupe. For more information on the conference, visit the Simmons website.

A String of Memories

“This was my great grandmother’s memory string,” Laura told Whiskers in a loud voice. “Then it was my grandmother’s, then my mother’s, and now it’s mine.” The Memory String by Eve Bunting is a book about a girl named Laura who tells her cat what each button stands for on her precious memory string. Since her mom died three years before, the buttons and memories mean a lot to Laura. The buttons all have special meaning, like the button from Laura’s birthday dress, or the khaki button from her dad’s uniform when he went to war, or the white button from her mother’s nightgown. Making a memory string is a way to remember family history, and that’s just what kids at The Children’s Room can do when they make one of their own.  Listening to the book being read aloud to them is just one way to get ideas for how to make a memory string. Children in our groups can also choose from a large donation of beads that have been collected for the launch of this special project, where kids can paint wooden beads or make beads out of clay, then add them to beads or buttons from home.

Children’s Room Consults with AFD Theatre on Their Production of Pulitzer Prize-Winning Play: Rabbit Hole

When Arlington Friends of the Drama Theatre Director Kevin Mark Kline wanted to find someone to talk with the Rabbit Hole cast about how families deal with grief, Production Manager Ginger Webb began to make inquiries.  Ginger soon found that all inquiries led her to The Children's Room. Rabbit Hole is a Pulitzer Prize-winning play about a family faced with the tragic death of their young child.  When Ginger called The Children's Room, Program Director Donna Sharff saw her inquiry as a unique opportunity to fufill part of the organization's mission: to educate the community about grief and loss.  Donna and Program Volunteer Johanneke deVries spent an hour and a half talking with the cast and answering their thoughtful questions about grief and grieving families.  This play mixes humor and deep poignancy to authentically portray the complex issues and challenges that grieving families face and, ultimately highlights the resiliency of the human spirit.  We have had the opportunity to attend a rehearsal and highly recommend AFD Theatre's production of this prize winning play which opens Friday, February 13 at 8:00 p.m. For more information, visit the AFD Theatre website.

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