Family Night in a Box

Expressive Activities adapted for Bereaved Families during COVID-19

The National Alliance for Grieving Children recently hosted a webinar presented by The Children’s Room clinical Program Team entitled, “Family Night in a Box: Expressive Activities adapted for Bereaved Families during COVID-19”. The intention of the webinar was to share & facilitate with our larger bereavement community one of the activities from “Family Night in a Box”, as well as to offer all 13 activities as a PDF resource. It was also an opportunity to re-introduce “Family Night”, a monthly service we have presented in the past at other NAGC Symposia.

The Children’s Room invited all participants to join in doing the activity, entitled, “Scream Box” during the webinar. This is the creation of a box that children, teens, and adults can use to “scream” or shout about whatever feelings they are having related to positive or more difficult events when they are also grieving. This gave participants an opportunity to understand the activity, have a chance to create one in real-time, learn how to do it, and see how it might be used or adapted for families at their own organizations.

Watch the video and download the activities guide.

By Published On: July 9th, 2020Categories: Art, Resources, Rituals