Internship Program

The Children’s Room offers a 10-month academic internship in the field of bereavement for undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of social work, psychology, expressive arts, and/or child life. This work involves children, teens, and families, and is both trauma informed and based on the model of peer support.

Students co-facilitate peer support groups, participate in a weekly didactic and experiential seminar, and help plan and prepare activities for the groups.

All students participate in Center-based events throughout the year.

Graduate Students

  • Co-facilitate 3 on-site peer support groups, one of which must be a Sunday afternoon
  • Participate in school- and community-based grief support groups
  • Conduct new family intakes and assessments
  • Work with staff and volunteers
  • Receive individual and group supervision
  • Participate in a two-hour weekly seminar
  • Students are expected to be “on call” for part of a day each week, where they are responsible for responding to and triaging program-related calls and connecting clients and providers with community resources and referrals.
  • Depending on scheduling, graduate students may also be involved in consultations and observe education trainings by staff.
  • In the spring semester, each graduate student must complete a project of their choosing related to the field of grief and the work at TCR.


Undergraduate Students

  • Co-facilitate 2 peer support groups, one of which must be a Sunday afternoon; the other will be an evening group during the week.
  • Participate in a three-hour weekly supervision and help prepare all materials for activities and events at TCR
  • Work with staff and volunteers



  • All students must have at least one year of experience working with children.
  • Graduates must be at least in the second year of their program.
  • Undergraduates must be in their junior or senior year.
  • All students must participate in a mandatory 35-hour training at the start of the academic year. These hours are counted as part of the student’s direct service learning hours.
  • All students must provide a cover letter, a CV, and 3 letters of recommendation to apply.

For more information, please contact [email protected].