Grief Support Services

The Children’s Room offers hope and healing to children and teens ages 3½ to 18 who have experienced the death of a parent or sibling. We also provide opportunities for parents and caregivers to meet with each other and talk about their own experiences parenting a grieving child, and to give and receive support around their own grief.

Our services include ongoing peer support groups, educational series for parents, teen programming, monthly arts-based family nights, and adult consultations. All of these services are provided free of charge. We also provide referrals and resources to families who are looking for additional grief-related services.

Peer Support Groups

Our peer support groups at The Children’s Room provide simultaneous support for children, teens, and adults who have experienced the death of an immediate family member. We also facilitate peer support groups for children and teens in several area schools and Boys & Girls Clubs.

Teen Programming

Our teen programming is designed to meet the unique developmental needs of adolescents ages 13-18 years old. Through a combination of group-based activities, social outings, and workshops, teens who have lost a parent or sibling have the opportunity to connect with each other in a safe and comfortable setting.

Parenting While Grieving Series

In this eight-week, interactive series, bereaved parents/caregivers explore the impact of loss on children, their developmental reactions to the grief process, and strategies for dealing with the challenges of parenting while grieving.

Family Nights 

Our monthly family nights are an opportunity for grieving families to come together through the use of expressive arts for a creative, family-centered activity and to make connection with other families in the community.

Adult Consultations

Professional staff are available to meet with parents and other supporting adults to discuss a family’s unique needs during the grieving process or in the case of a life-limiting illness.


Our staff is happy to share recommendations to other individual and group services that might be of help to your family.

Thoughts from Our Families

Learn about how The Children’s Room benefits families by hearing some thoughts from children, teens, and parents/caregivers.