Angela’s quilts and beautifully crafted knit and crochet items hold a special place in her heart. At the end of this month, she will participate in her first craft show and donate her profits to The Children’s Room.

Her granddaughter, Emily, and son, Brendan, came to TCR for peer support groups after Emily’s mom, Amy, died when she was 5 years old.

The Children’s Room is a special place for Emily, and she was excited to show her grandmother around on a recent visit.

Emily listens to the ringing bell

Emily led the group from room to room, pausing to ring one of the bells several times and explain how her peer support groups would start with ringing the bell and then listening quietly until they couldn’t hear the sound anymore.

We stopped in the Little’s Room, where Emily met with other kids her age who had also lost a parent or sibling. She then had to demonstrate activities in the High Energy Room, a room with padded walls and floor, a punching bag, and soft toys, where kids can be active and safely express their emotions.

Emily with her grandmother and father in the Little’s Room at TCR

Emily led most of the tour, but her dad, Brendan, joined in with some special memories. He described the memory potlucks that take place in groups at two times during the year, where each family brings in the favorite food of the person who died.

Emily’s mom loved Thanksgiving, so for the memory potluck Brendan and Emily brought in an entire Thanksgiving dinner! They had so much food that it filled up two coolers.

After touring the house, Angela showed us a sampling of her beautiful crafts, saying, “I’m so happy to give something back because you helped my family. And it’s something near and dear to my heart.”

This isn’t the first time Angela has sold her craft items to benefit TCR. She has also knit and sold scarves to help fundraise for TCR’s Annual Memories Walk.  She teased that she made so many hats and mittens for her kids while they were growing up, because they would always be losing them.

Emily helped lay out each of the items and pointed out her favorite knit pieces. Angela smiled down at her granddaughter and said, “Someday, I’ll teach you.”

Thank you, Angela, for helping support TCR’s programs so that grieving children like Emily can find hope and connection.

. . . . .

The Children’s Room appreciates all of the creative ways we receive support from our community.

If you’re interested in planning a special event or fundraiser to benefit The Children’s Room, please contact Becca at or 781-641-4741 x334.