With the death of someone close to you, the typical celebratory anticipation for the upcoming holidays evades you. Holidays and special times can accentuate our sense of loss. Holiday traditions can be a source of comfort for some grieving children and families. For others, changing holiday routines may help ease emotions and uncertainty about how to deal with the season. Take the space and time you need to consider what feels OK for your children and family.

The New Year holiday can be a time to have a family meeting to reflect upon the holidays or this winter break and talk about how they went. You made it through. Consider what worked and what didn’t. Perhaps have each family member write a note to the person who died and share how they are feeling at the start of 2021. Add pictures, drawings, or anything that reminds you of the person. Combine the notes into a book, a folder, a plastic bag, or a box. Put it in a special place to share again with each other next New Year’s.

The National Alliance for Grieving Children, of which The Children’s Room is a proud member, has developed a holiday toolkit that has thoughtful recommendations and tips for this season.

At The Children’s Room, we understand that grief is different for every child, teen, and family. We hope that you find the supportive space you need during this time.

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