At a recent 10th Anniversary Celebration of Volunteers and Staff,  Karen Dillon delivered a heartfelt appreciation of her fellow volunteers.  See what Karen had to say

“Judy Oliver, founding staff member, has referred to the volunteers as “the heart” of The Children’s Room.  As volunteers, we are collective heart through collaboration.  Each volunteer brings to the program their unique gifts. It’s the pulse of our talents and diversity that pumps the program full of life.

When I started volunteering I felt, as many of you may have, occasional twangs of self doubt and fear.  “What can I possibly offer these children?” I worried.  Sure there were evenings when I felt certain I helped to comfort a child. However, there were also many nights when I wondered if any child had noticed my presence at all (sometimes this still happens)!  Eventually I realized that it is our presence week after week that allows healing. We are a dependable safety net for children and families holding great fears and sadness. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’ve made a connection but you do – simply by showing up.

You never know how you might reach a child, teen or parent: maybe it’s your story, your voice, your smile, that brings to them something they are missing.  But please do know that you are the heart of the organization. The veteran volunteers bring a confidence and experience to the program while the new volunteers bring a freshness, unique stories and revitalized enthusiasm – you are all exceptional.

My co-volunteers and the staff at The Children’s Room are some of the most remarkable people I know.  The organization is teeming with genuine people who want to help others in pain.  What a haven of caring.

So thank you, for sharing a piece of your heart by volunteering at the Children’s Room. You are recognized today with gratitude, respect and admiration and I am honored to be among you.”

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