From The Children’s Room’s Executive Director
March 5, 2015

Everywhere I go, someone is talking about their problems with the snow and severe weather; snow covered roofs, ice dams, water leaks, frozen pipes, and more.  The Children’s Room has not been immune to these problems.

Our 125-year-old Victorian house on the corner of Mass. Ave. and Appleton St. had each of these problems in the past several weeks.  We have served grieving children and their families in our house for 11 years (and for 5 years before that in the basement of the First Baptist Church).  The Arlington community has always been supportive and this season was no exception.

Marty has provided us with countless hours of talented services and has transformed the house into a welcoming environment capable of serving even more grieving children and families.  Harry has kept us warm with donated fuel and an efficient heating system.  This past month, Marty and Harry helped us avert disaster after an ice dam, frozen pipes, and a burst pipe.  The wonderful team at Servpro of Cambridge/Belmont provides a deep clean of our house each year before family programs start and has made our house look like new after water damage and other maintenance emergencies.

When we call each of these heroes, they are at the house in hours – sometimes in minutes!  As a result, we do not have to cancel any family support activities because of house disasters.

The Arlington Fire Department was on site this past week after a pipe burst in our basement. They carefully opened up the ceiling to avoid greater damage.  As they were leaving, one of the firefighters stopped to thank us for helping a friend’s family.

There are hundreds of Arlington residents who have volunteered and supported The Children’s Room over the years and we appreciate each one of you.  Our budget was entirely funded by donations last year, which allows us to offer our peer support groups and other services free of charge.  We are grateful for all that the Arlington community does to support our work.

With deep appreciation,

Donna Smith Sharff
Executive Director