We are so proud of our team of Boston Marathon runners, each of whom has a unique story full of personal connections to TCR and strong motivations for running. In order to honor their efforts, we’re going to introduce our team members in two groups. We hope you’ll check back soon to learn more about Paudie O’Connor, John Shea, and Lindsay Shelton.

Meanwhile, we are proud to introduce you to Becca Braun, Meghan Murphy, and Tim O’Brien.

Becca Braun

Becca Braun runs in memory of her husband, John, who died in a running accident in 2010. At the time of John’s death, their children were eight and two years old. They were living in Alaska then, but a visit to the East Coast connected her to The Children’s Room through our Parenting While Grieving series.

Becca shares, “The year after John died, we came east for several months and I participated in a class at The Children’s Room called Parenting While Grieving. Sitting in a room with a bunch of bewildered widowed parents– my people! –was healing. The stories, the questions, the knowing nods, laughs and tears we shared made me feel less lonely and apart, gave me new strategies, helped me breathe again.”

Rebecca’s daughter later participated in one of our school-based peer support groups. Rebecca shares, “I know it strengthened her.”

Meghan Murphy

Meghan Murphy is a resident of Winthrop who has a unique perspective on our work and our mission. She is a social worker who runs on our team in order to honor the grieving children she encountered during her six years working with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. Meghan also runs to express gratitude for the support that her fellow social workers have received from The Children’s Room.

Her relationship with The Children’s Room began in 2013, when she searched for resources to help a seven-year-old club member who was grieving the unexpected death of his mother. Meghan shares, “Tragic as the circumstances were for that first call to The Children’s Room, I will be forever grateful to have made that connection. In forging that relationship, The Children’s Room not only helped to support that specific club member, but also initiated a partnership with the Boy & Girls Clubs of Boston that endures today.”

She adds, “In recent years, The Children’s Room and the Chelsea club have collaborated in the running of programs and support groups. These groups have provided critical support and guidance to the families. Their contributions to the work we as social workers do is simply invaluable.”

Tim O’Brien

Tim is a resident of Newton who will run the Boston Marathon in memory of his wife, Keri, who died in November 2015. He and his three children were served by TCR’s peer support groups. We are grateful to have Tim’s enthusiasm for running and his positive energy on our team for the second year in a row–this is his second consecutive Boston Marathon for TCR!

Tim shares, “Following the unexpected death of my wife Keri, the communities and programs at TCR have been enormously helpful to me and my kids. Our peer support groups and the trained facilitators have been there every step of the way as we continue to get back on our feet. I’m proud to be raising funds for The Children’s Room for the second straight year.”

About Our Team

Thanks to the generosity of the John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program, this is the ninth year that TCR has received bib numbers for the Boston Marathon. Over the past eight years, our marathon teams have raised over $656,000 to support The Children’s Room. Runners receive ongoing support from The Children’s Room in reaching their fundraising goals, and during their training, the team will be coached by Crissy Straub and Malinda Dublin of MC Coaching.

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