Your relationship with your in-laws may change after the death of your spouse. Perhaps it’s a friendship that will stand on its own, or maybe it wasn’t a positive relationship before the loss. Your in-laws are your children’s family, and you will most likely feel it is your responsibility to keep your children connected to them. Sometimes that connection can be difficult. There may be feelings of guilt, or they may judge how you and your children are living your lives after the death. This discussion will explore expectations around family traditions, including holidays, vacations, and visits. Change is inevitable and difficult. Sometimes what feels best for you, may not be the best thing for your children. Come share your personal experiences, good and bad, and the ways your relationship is changing with your in-laws.

The Parent Alumni Group (PAG)
is an active group of “alumni” adults, who have been through our family-based support programs, and have remained connected to the mission of The Children’s Room. They meet regularly to support and give back to newly bereaved families in a variety of ways, including hosting regular discussion groups on topics experienced by grieving children and families.
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This discussion is open to the community, but space is limited.
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