After a wonderful season of about a dozen performances, The Children’s Room Teen Performance Troupe presented its final show for the season and the final (for now!) show with their talented troupe leader: Shelly Steward.

In the audience were friends and family members of each of the six performers. The teens performed to over fifty people. The performance was the culmination of a year long process of recruiting performers and working on their skits. Three of the six performers will be graduating from high school this year and heading to college. For those whose performance was to be their last, they wanted to make sure that it was their best performance. The skits were full of energy and memories and the audience loved every minute.

Belmont Hill graciously donated the use of their Kraft Theater along with the staffing needed. Many Belmont Hill families, past and present were there to see the show.

There were many teary eyes in the room as troupe director Shelly Steward told the crew that the troupe was the thing she was the most proud of in her life. Shelly is an inspirational young women who has many great accomplishments. Shelly is graduating magna cum laude from Harvard and is a recipient of the prestigious Hoopes prize for outstanding academic research. Shelly recently traveled to Montreal to present her paper on grieving adolescents at the international conference for ADEC (Association for Death Education and Counseling).

The teens gave Shelly a handmade quilt with pictures and memories that she can bring with her on her next journey which is to teach third grade in a rural, underserved school in South Dakota as part of Teach for America.